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Fire EMT – Emergency Management Training

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013

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Owned and operated by fully qualified Queensland Fire Service Officers, Fire EMT specialises in Building Emergency Management. Fire EMT moved to MicroEd when they needed some major upgrades performed to their database. Once these were complete, it became apparent that the existing website was no longer portraying the company image and status they had gained over time. They had also recently got some new branding made for the business.

MicroEd offered to do something new for Fire EMT, but it would take a some more time to get right. This fit in perfectly with their future plans for the website. The web design was the first MicroEd website to feature Responsive Design. This means the website can adapt to mobile device screen resolutions (Smart Phones and Tablet Computers). Using CSS3, this new design theory detects screen resolutions to display the website appropriately. You don’t have to manage specific websites per device type using this method.

  • Responsive Design, the website adapts to screen resolutions.
  • Touch friendly design, designed with hit areas big enough for the human finger.
  • Simple design based on new branding provided by the client.
  • Design focused on SEO.
  • Animated slider on the homepage to enhance website appearance.
  • Custom inputs for Testimonials and Module areas.
  • Simple form for submitting order requests via email.
  • Browser compatibility with all modern browsers, fallback for legacy browsers.

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